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The Challenge


In 2009 EditShare wanted to introduce their product offer to the market quickly and at a wide range of global digital media shows. Our challenge was to create a flexible booth that could not only meet EditShare’s huge marketing drive, but adapt to any plan or footprint quickly and at a viable cost.


Editshare have a new Head of Marketing and a new more direct vision for what they want from their booth at IBC; clear precise messaging, a visual connection with previous booths and a real sense of drama. Our response was to develop a theatrical lighting system to create a range of ever changing moods across the booth, from cool and contemporary for the meeting areas, to hot and vibrant for information zones.

Our final design featured two inspirational product hubs, a fast flow marketing area with reception point and breakout area and two beautifully appointed VIP meeting rooms.

The final visual effect was like no other at the show and our client was super happy with the results.


For 2014 EditShare are counting on us to continue to develop their dynamically shaped booth that was such a hit in 2013. We are taking the same great system and enhancing the component elements to meet more show requirements and grow with EditShare’s offer. Impact lighting will be upgraded, graphics made bolder, digital communication will become more advanced and the stage more prominent!

We are ensuring EditShare’s competitor differentiation won’t be beaten at any show this year and judging by the visitor numbers on EditShare’s booth at BVE 2014, we have got it absolutely right.



Our Response

We developed a simple flexible zonal concept, with a range of freestanding elements defining product ranges and allowing for easy reconfiguration and low cost. High impact architectural lighting was used from day one to thrust the brand onto the global stage...and it worked!

Highly creative and growing with confidence

As EditShare’s offer and market position has grown, our booth design has changed to reflect their position and new marketing directions.

Today we provide strong brand continuity by retaining the accent lighting and clearly defined product zones, but our concepts now incorporate communication stages, multi-format digital platforms, internal meeting rooms and theatre spaces to educate, inform and reflect EditShare’s prominent position in the market.

Our most recent booth at IBC was nominated for ‘Best Booth at Show 2013’


We have been working with Evolve for over 6 years and they’ve built booths for us all over the world. Importantly they really understand EditShare and they understand our people and what we are trying to do. Their commitment to quality and creativity is always outstanding and the booths they create really do have a unique edge that’s communicates our message....what else can I say!

Managing Director EMEA

The Benefits

    1. Unique high impact booths to thrust EditShare into the market place
    2. Brand development and continuity across all shows globally
    3. Modular design capable of configuration for any show
    4. Designs that meet EditShare’s growing marketing needs
    5. A trusted partner giving EditShare total confidence