• Massive competitor differentiation
    A double deck like no other, welcome to Evolution Gaming at ICE 2015

The Challenge


Evolution Gaming asked us to create a totally immersive visitor experience with a viewing gallery, VIP facilities, reception, even a champagne bar.


Evolution Gaming love the beautifully architectural booth that we created for them in 2015, but for 2016 they wanted to bring their games to life like never before and celebrate their 10th Anniversary with the whole of ICE! No mean challenge, but we had the answer.

We converted the huge high impact voile on the front of the 2015 booth to an 11m LED Screen and linked it directly to the demo areas! Now the entire hall could share the excitement of the live Evolution Gaming experience and everyone could get involved with the anniversary celebrations.


Evolution Gaming had a new position at ICE 2015. Now right next to their major competitors and at the rear of the hall, they challenged us to ensure visitor numbers remained high, brand values were upheld and competitor differentiation was massive.

We responded with a daring double deck concept unlike any other at the show. To ensure high visitor numbers, we designed the concept around a massive floating graphical voile that beautifully framed the booth ensuring it could not be missed.

We conceived a minimal design that exuded quality and confidence in line with the Evolution Gaming brand and positioned a fast moving marketing zone to focus attention on the product, maximising selling opportunities and customer engagement. The beautiful VIP lounge was positioned on the top deck, providing incredible views of the show and with facilities like a champagne bar and full waiter service, business was a pleasure in this environment.

The final design was a total success, providing a 10% increase in visitor numbers and more leads than ever before, but most importantly an experience that customers did not forget!



Evolution Gaming returned to ICE in 2014 and for this year we took our beautiful double deck and pushed it further. We created bigger more expressive graphical voiles to increase visitor cut through, extended the digital product display areas and enhanced the VIP entertainment suite. The quality of the booth speaks for itself and so does the positive effect on Evolution Gaming’s customers.



Our Response

Our Design Team created an incredible cantilevered double-deck structure, featuring a main reception control hub, with a ground floor digital product demonstration zone and VIP Area.

Bringing the experience to life

The booth’s massive product impact and competitor differentiation was created through the use of a high impact printed transparent voile, enclosing an intimate first floor VIP area with panoramic views of the show internally, while externally it provided huge levels of brand and product promotion.

All internal areas of the booth were carefully designed, decorated and illuminated to bring Evolution Gaming’s brand to life. A dynamic open plan digital product demonstration zone was built on the ground floor, creating a brand-led ‘selling zone’ to excite and attract visitors, while the reception hub was positioned to allow for central control of the entire booth and of course all this was completed by the team in just three days.


Evolve designed and created a booth of exceptional quality. This is the second time that we have worked with Evolve and as ever we were impressed by their first-rate service, attention to detail and the tailored, personalised approach they delivered to us. This ensured that we had complete peace of mind from the initial stages of design through to the booth build. We are looking forward to working with the team at Evolve again next year.

Evolution Gaming - Marketing Team

The Benefits

    1. Total competitor differentiation in the hall
    2. Greater visitor numbers and better sales interaction times
    3. A stand that truly represented the clients brand values
    4. Maximum product impact through the dedicated marketing zone
    5. Discreet and exceptional VIP facilities