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    EL Congress & The World Lottery Summit

The Challenge

Novomatic Lottery Solutions was created in 2014 with the focus of providing the most innovative solutions and market leading returns to the sector. In 2015 they approached Evolve and asked us to develop a booth that would catch the spirit of Lottery Gaming and the marketing driven focus of Novomatic Lottery Solutions.


Winning in the new world

From Scandinavia to Singapore, our reconfigurable Novomatic Lottery Solutions (NLS) booth is a winner. Here’s a look at our concept for The World Lottery Summit in Singapore.

With the event focus on ‘Winning in the New World’ and a Grand Ball Room location at Marina Bay Sands Singapore, the bar was set very high for our NLS Booth…but yet again the design proved its worth.

Our NLS booth is totally modular and for Singapore we took all of the main visitor engagement zones and flipped the design configuring it for a much smaller footprint. When most of NLS’s competitors looked to more reserved designs, we introduced huge video walls, colour candy light changing demo units and high-end business and hospitality facilities.

We achieved that big-booth feeling in a tiny space and lifted Novomatic’s offer well above the competition. A winning design for the new world!


Our Response

With its eye candy colour change feature lighting and outrageous demonstration pods, the booth drove incredible visitor numbers, making the exciting world of Novomatic Lottery Solutions un-missable.

Combining a sales area featuring a huge 16m2 video message wall, with a first floor VIP hospitality suite, bar and gaming zone, the booth struck a brilliant balance between business focus and gaming fun.

The incredibly tight two day build time for the booth was ambitious, but our brilliant installation crew completed right on time.


The booth has resulted in our company being pushed to the next level. Everybody was so happy with the booth and your team; our NLS Management, our customers, even our competitors were impressed.

My deepest thanks to you and your team for the professional and perfect work on this exhibition

Novomatic Lottery Solutions, Head of Product Management

The Benefits

    1. Massive booth impact across the show hall
    2. Unique digital display and lighting effects with show stopping capability
    3. Maximised brand and product promotion
    4. Clearly defined marketing areas for enhanced product promotion & sales
    5. High quality meeting and breakout areas

    Novomatic Lottery Solutions at El Congress – A truly dynamic digital extravaganza