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    Find out how we raise Novomatic’s game each year at ICE

The Challenge


Novomatic are the leading company in the Electronic Gaming Sector and since 2011 they have challenged Evolve to create the biggest booth experience possible at ICE every year. In 2018 they simply asked us to give them, ‘The greatest show on Earth’!


This year our incredible Novomatic gaming stand was all about vividly bringing the latest product launches to life like never before!

The world famous DJ Hardwell took to the stand, as Novomatic launched the new Hardwell slot game via our dedicated on-line endorsement area.

We developed a new funfair style entertainment area with huge digital gaming carousels to launch the ‘From Dusk till Dawn’ game….’Everybody be cool!’ For the new iPub product, we really wanted to create unique spaces that felt a million miles away from a traditional exhibition hall and our design team did a brilliant job in creating the look and feel of an old time spit-and-sawdust British pub to launch the product!

To increase the readability and recognition of the differing zones across the huge stand, we pushed the high level signage further this year and developed dramatic 3m signage drums to signify the differing product zones from up to 100m away.
At 4,800m2 the stand is still officially the largest gaming stand in the world and we are incredibly proud to bring it to ICE once again.


For 2017 the Novomatic booth was all about pushing the visitor experience to the max and taking guests on a 360° journey through the world of Novomatic and its latest product launches. This year we brought Gotham City to life for the new Batman Begins Title and hosted an international darts event including non-other than Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor and Russ ‘The Voice’ Bray.
Customer interaction was top of our priority list and we created incredible multi-user virtual reality suites where visitors could immerse themselves in the new Novomatic 3D gaming world. Soccer gaming played a big part in this year’s event and we developed inflatable spot-kick zones where visitors could try their luck at scoring a penalty while measuring their power output. We even built a giant 3m diameter football, as the ultimate POD for the new handheld soccer based gaming platforms.
Of course all of these incredible experiences were set against the backdrop of the largest booth ever built for the sector. This year the space increased to 4600m2 and we provided demonstration zones for more than 300 machines and handheld titles.
In 2017 the booth welcomed 30,000 visitors and included 33 meeting rooms, a first floor VIP business lounge, a café for 200 people which was serviced by 2 separate kitchens, plus 4 separate independent business unit booths.
The 2017 Novomatic booth experience was once again the landmark event at the show. It is the most prestigious and advanced booth at ICE and represents the pinnacle of exhibition design, build and project management.
Yet again the booth stats are staggering:
  • 250 tons of construction material
  • 45 km of cables (power and data)
  • 400m2 of video walls
  • 210 LED TV screens
  • 16 tons of hanging video walls
  • 44 lorry trailers
  • 33 meeting rooms
  • 6000m2 carpet
  • 100 person build team





For 2016 Novomatic challenged us to bring the incredible excitement of their online gaming platforms to the massive ICE audience. With multiple new game launches and a host of sporting star appearances, there was only one way to go….total interactive digital display.

We threw away conventional static graphics altogether and built the experience around no less than 350m2 of video walling, positioned right around the booth perimeter, creating an amazing digital amphitheatre. The screens featured a host of product promotions and Novomatic title launches, but the most powerful marketing promotion came when we linked the online gaming pods directly to the video walls, giving thousands of visitors the opportunity to experience the thrill of the live game excitement as it actually happened.

Yet again we broke the record for the biggest booth ever created for the sector at 4600m2, we even provided a dedicated stage area for the launch of Gladiator Football where Rio Ferdinand tackled our demonstration zones.

This year’s booth welcomed 25,000 visitors and included 31 meeting rooms, a first floor VIP business lounge, a café for 200 people which was serviced by 2 separate kitchens, plus 4 separate independent business unit booths.

The Novomatic booth experience is a tremendous advert for our client’s products and position in the industry and the Evolve Management Team behind this experience is second to none.

Here are just some of this year’s booth stats:
  • 250 tons of construction material
  • 45 km of cables (power and data)
  • 400 m2 of video walls
  • 210 LED TV screens
  • 16 tons of hanging video walls
  • 44 lorry trailers
  • 31 meeting rooms
  • 5,550m2 carpet



ICE is the biggest event in the world of gaming and with over 500 exhibitors our spectacular Novomatic booth is recognised as the centrepiece of the show.

In 2015 we did it again…we took the best booth ever created for the Gaming Sector and made it better! This year’s challenge was to focus on launching new products, new machines and creating a bigger VIP Experience than ever before.

We responded with the Novomatic Interactive Betting Arena. This unique environment combined live betting, with an immersive virtual world where the boundaries between the two blurred and visitors experienced a totally new level of interactive gameplay on a booth.

To highlight Novomatic’s new VIP Machines we positioned them on a red carpet event stage right at the heart of the show. Not content with simply displaying the machines, we used cosplay actors and theatrical performance to bring the stage to life and make it a real focus for visitors.

This year the Business Facilities had to grow, so we added more exclusive VIP Areas, more meeting rooms and extended the bar to accommodate 300 people. With more than 30 meeting rooms, 2 VIP Business Lounges, an exclusive floor boardroom and 100 staff, we provide one of the most extensive business centres conceived at an exhibition event.

This year our Novomatic booth welcomed more than 20,000 and year on year it continues to attract more headlines and more business at ICE. For one week per year, it is the very centre of the exhibition world and it’s Evolves creativity, experience and our incredible team that keep it there.

The ultimate Gaming Booth for the ultimate Gaming Company.



ICE is the biggest business event in the world of gaming with over 500 exhibitors and our spectacular Novomatic booth is now recognised as the centrepiece of the show each year!

For 2014 the pressure was on us once again to create a Novomatic booth sensation. How did we respond…..we took the best elements from last year and expanded the booth further. We created four unique individual business unit environments and we added more machines, better catering facilities and an incredible triple sided display pod and hung it right above the visitor’s heads. The visual results were amazing and so were the visitor numbers.



Our Response

We created the biggest modular booth ever conceived for this sector. Our design featured a 4,500 m2 footprint, a 50m graphic wrap, a dynamic multifunctional double-deck, even 3D holograms and staged live events…truly the ultimate visitor experience.

Creating the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’

Each year we have extended our original modular concept adding more facilities, expanding meeting areas, bars and marketing zones, creating the biggest buzz at the show. Our concept has proven to be highly flexible and our use of unique display technologies has taken the booth to new levels of competitor differentiation. Each year we develop more spectacular staged events directly linked to Novomatic’s product launches to ensure the booth meets its marketing goals and Novomatic remain at the top of their game.

In 2013 we took the booth to new levels, with 27 meeting rooms, a VIP area and a luxurious upstairs boardroom. The boardroom’s fully glazed curved viewing gallery provided a superb vantage point while giving total privacy to senior Novomatic executives. But our biggest impact was saved for the launch of the new product ranges, featuring a live Marilyn Monroe stage, a host of actors and two specially shipped in formula racing cars. No one could miss Novomatic in 2013.


  • Booth size – 4,500m2
  • Graphic wrap – 2 x 50m
  • Product display area – 4,000m2
  • VIP Lounge, viewing gallery and boardroom
  • 27 Meeting rooms
  • Café area
  • Reception zone
  • 2 Bars serving 6,000 sausages and 1,900 litres of beer
  • Event stage
  • 2 Racing cars
  • 2 Holographic display systems
  • Marilyn Monroe stage and 10 look a-likes
  • 100 Man build-team

It is to the credit of Evolve’s highly skilled professional team that Novomatic's 'new look' was one of the talking points of the ICE 2013. I am looking forward to many further projects with Evolve and thank them for their exceptional work in the past and particularly for our latest stand which is actually the biggest ever booth built for a gaming show. We are proud of what we've been able to accomplish together.

Novomatic Marketing Manager

The Benefits

    1. Major increase in visitor numbers year on year
    2. Total competitor differentiation
    3. Largest booth ever built for the gaming sector
    4. 500+ Gaming machines
    5. Incredibly fast 4 day build schedule and 2.5 day dismantle