• Maximum Impact at ICE
    Find out how we raise Novomatic’s game each year at ICE


ICE is the biggest show in the world of gaming and our spectacular 5,000m2 Novomatic booth is now recognised as the centrepiece of the show and the gaming world itself.
From multi-user virtual reality suites to celebrity introduction zones, live game play arenas and over 300 gambling machines, the booth represents the ultimate gamer’s playground.

The booth welcomes more than 30,000 visitors and includes 35 meeting rooms, a first floor VIP business lounge, a café for 200 people serviced by 2 separate kitchens, plus 4 separate independent business unit booths.

The stats are staggering:
  • 250 tons of construction material
  • 45km of cables (power and data)
  • 400m2 of video walls
  • 210 LED TV screens
  • 16 tons of hanging video walls
  • 44 lorry trailers
  • 33 meeting rooms
  • 6,000m2 carpet
  • 100 person build team




It is to the credit of Evolve’s highly skilled professional team that Novomatic's 'new look' was one of the talking points of the ICE 2013. I am looking forward to many further projects with Evolve and thank them for their exceptional work in the past and particularly for our latest stand which is actually the biggest ever booth built for a gaming show. We are proud of what we've been able to accomplish together.

Novomatic Marketing Manager

The Benefits

    1. Major increase in visitor numbers year on year
    2. Total competitor differentiation
    3. Largest booth ever built for the gaming sector
    4. 500+ Gaming machines
    5. Incredibly fast 4 day build schedule and 2.5 day dismantle