• State Bank of India
    Banging the drum for Indian Banking..!

The Challenge

The State Bank of India have a unique position on the UK Highstreet; their network of banks is growing, their product offer is extensive and most importantly their customers know and trust them. They have bold ambitions for the future, but in 2015 they recognised that a new branch concept was needed to take them forwards.

So they set us a challenge:

 ‘Give us much more presence on the high street, we want banks that don’t perform like any other…they need to be SBI and SBI only! We want a look that is in line with the competition, but we also want to be known for our quality of service, customer focused products and most of all our friendly approach.’

SBI is a unique bank with a unique set of values, we want to celebrate that fact!’


Our Response

We worked hand in hand with the SBI central management team with the vision of creating an SBI customer journey that was naturally welcoming, exceptionally efficient and effective, but most importantly, Indian in its spirit.
We addressed and updated every aspect of the banks performance, from the external signage and façade design, to the total interior scheme…even how customers are greeted as they enter the bank. We developed totally new customer flow and facility zoning models, opening up the plan to include personal welcome areas with drinks facilities for all visitors as well as fast transaction zones, digital banking points, integrated consultation areas and even open fronted cashiers desks.
We revised the banks approach to POS and information exchange, through the inclusion of in branch online banking and bold new promotional graphics designed to encourage customer interaction with the brilliant welcome teams…Hello, can I offer you a drink…how can I help?
Most importantly we created a unique character for the SBI on the UK high Street. Yes it’s in line with current banking trends, but through touches like iconic Indian lighting, and pattern, as well as cultural ceremonies held at the centre of the branch, a new vibrant SBI banking culture is emerging. We hope it will both reassure current customers and inspire new ones and we are proud to have been involved.

The Benefits

    SBI Benefits:
    1.    Maximised façade signage and brand promotion at street level
    2.    An exciting new bank concept specifically designed for the target customer groups
    3.    New open zonal floor plan with a defined/quantified retail focus
    4.    Rationalised customer flow model with a wide range of dedicated customer centred zones
    5.    Improved and revised product promotion and dedicated POS
    6.    Digital / interactive on-line banking zones

    A banking concept at the cutting edge of current retail thinking