• The best stand at the show
    The leading environmental stand for the leading Ecological show...Travis Perkins at Ecobuild

The Challenge


The booth brief for Travis Perkins at Ecobuild 2013 was really challenging. The concept had to attract more visitors, more leads and establish a clear identity supporting multiple brand stakeholders.


It’s the fourth year in a row for our stunning Travis Perkins stand at Ecobuild…but it still looks as fresh as the day it was built.

At Evolve we know how to build a truly unique modular stand that pays for itself time and time again. As testament to its brilliant flexibility, for 2016 we have again reconfigured the layout, updated the graphic package and added a host of new products. Year on year the stand delivers great cost savings for our client and a stunning product experience for their visitors…Here’s to 2017!


The MD of SBS / Travis Perkins described our concept as ‘The best stand at the show’ and hailed its ability to attract more visitors than ever before…and it’s easy to see why.

Building on the best elements of our 2014 stand, this year’s concept focused on more micro-demonstration environments to bring the products and benefits to life in a way that could not be missed. Our stand included crazy bedroom settings with insulation as bedding to promote heat retention, massive subterranean tanks displayed on pedestals to promote underground thermal systems and even flood defence systems to try out.

As an ecological award winner the stand continues to set high standards at the show. For 2015 we reused modular components from our previous year’s design and reduced the weight and component count to reduce delivery truck sizes.

With its unparalleled ability to attract visitors and provide live demonstration for over 100 products, our 2015 Travis Perkins stand is the environmental stand, for the leading Ecological show.



It was quite a challenge to improve on an Award Winning Highly Commended Booth, but the new numbers don’t lie; our latest booth achieved 400% more scanned visitors than last year! How did we do it….well we can’t take all the credit, the Travis Perkins Team did a fantastic job of working the booth’s disciplines. But for 2014 we made the booth even more open, with a central brand envelope wrapping multiple product lines. We focused clearly on differentiated product groups, building unique selling environments throughout the booth. We built a host of amazing bespoke product display systems and carefully illuminated the zones to maximise their selling potential….the results really do speak for themselves!



Our Response

We created a unique multifunctional booth with one of the lowest ecological footprints at the show.

Multifunction meets live presentation

With over 100 products to display and 6 different stakeholder brands, we knew the booth had to be very open allowing clear visibility from 360o right across the booth. So we took a zonal approach to the concept, creating differing ‘micro-brand environments’ for each stakeholder and product range. The large scale header unit acted as the master Travis Perkins brand holder pulling all of the differing environments together and giving great distance visibility.

We made the booth the talk of the show, with live product demonstration stages, even a communication arena allowing Travis Perkins to educate and inform guests and visitors, confirming their status at the show.

The environmental considerations of the booth were paramount at a show like Ecobuild and we tapped into Travis Perkins’ brand by using their own range of environmentally sourced building products for the booth construction. Virtually all of the booth was re-usable and logistics were reduced to limit the booths carbon footprint for the event. These factors combined to make the booth an award winner in the competition for the Most Sustainable Booth over 100m2.


Evolve did a great job for us at Ecobuild 2013. Our booth won highly commended in the Most Sustainable Competition and that’s where we want our brand to be at a show like that. The design was really eye catching and showcased our targeted product very strongly. Our visitor numbers were high and the Evolve Team were responsive and professional throughout. We have committed to Evolve for the future and I am looking forward to the results!

Marketing Manager

The Benefits

    1. 20% increase in visitor numbers over 2014 results
    2. Clearly defined brand hierarchy at both signage and product levels
    3. Individual live demonstration areas for 100+ products; bringing them to life
    4. Unparalleled ability to attract visitors; a stand that could not be missed
    5. A stand with an incredibly low ecological footprint