Taking an initial idea or concept and creating an incredibly successful booth, corporate space or retail environment anywhere in the world, takes experience and expertise across many different skillsets. At Evolve we do all of this and more.

We have developed an exceptional set of services and in-house skills focused on developing and delivering unique cutting edge concepts to very high standards right around the globe.

As you would expect we offer a full turnkey delivery service to our clients, managing all major project functions, from initial concept design and development, through to technical development, manufacture and build. What you might not expect are the unique additional services that we offer like Event and Marketing Consulting or Specialist Technology Services as part of our overall project offer.

Our service sets combine to give Evolve one of the most exciting, innovation-led offers in our sector.

Our Services

Our People

Our people are passionate and come from a diverse range of cultures and professional backgrounds to support the dynamic nature of our company and help to keep our clients projects well ahead of the competition.Typically our teams are made up of Product Designers, Booth Designers, Brand Strategists, Space Planners, Marketing Consultants, Project Managers, Graphic Designers, Engineers, Lighting Designers, even Furniture Designers!

Supply Chain

We have built a uniquely diverse global supply chain from a wide range of proven suppliers, regional manufacturers and cutting edge display technology companies, even theatrical acting groups. This flexibility allows us to design far more advanced concepts than our traditional factory based competitors.It gives our designers and clients more choice, more creativity, access to the latest technologies, higher quality and bigger brand experiences.

Here are just some of the display technologies/ideas that we are looking at right now:

1.Multi-channel Integration

2.Laser technology

3.3D video projection

4.Interactive floor systems

5.Virtual reality

6.Touchscreen Technology


8.Interactive theatre

9.Voice recognition

10.Digital Signage

Global Reach

With a hub office in London and plans underway to create offices in Las Vegas and Hong Kong, we cover three distinct time zones and provide a truly global service. All regional projects are controlled from these hubs with dedicated teams managing our local supply chains and working directly with our clients on the ground.

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An Experienced
Partner – ESSA

With over 16 years experience, we are the leading independent exhibition and spatial event development company, working with clients in Europe, Asia Pacific and the USA.

We are the trusted booth delivery partner for more than 30 major companies.

Evolve is an affiliated member of the Event Supplier and Service Association (ESSA). This body offers our clients the security that they are working with a company that is insurance backed and following strict codes of conduct at all time.